Minutes of the 307th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Interest theme by TM Rajan Tawade
July 22nd 2018

We had an interesting meeting as TM Rajan Twade led us how to identify ones interest, Area Director MTM Shameema informed us about the International contest pattern where additional quarter finals  are included after the District level, two ice breaker speech  and an inspiring Project 9. Meeting started at 7:35 pm

Sergeant at arms TM Mohammed Aslam welcomed everyone to the meeting, explained his role and set out the ground rules for the meeting. 

Acting President TM Abidul Islam opened the meeting and informed us to Acknowledge the presence of Area Director MTM Shameema in their salutation and called TM Rajan Tawade to preside over the meeting.

TM Rajan Tawade described”Interest” is basically that mental state when mind respond to inputs with ease without any confusion we sometimes call these “passions,” A lack of interest means a lack of knowledge and lack of knowledge straightaway influence your self-confidence. 1. Correlate things with concepts in daily life activities. 2. Draw picture using your understanding.3. Ask “WHY” 4. Play quizzes 5. Have a discussion on and he called upon the role player.

Greet Master TM Syamlal, Timer TM Harsha, Ah Counter TM Ramakrishnan, Grammarian TM Sudir Patil, Quiz Master TM Kumarappan, Word Master TM Seema all played their role to the best.

Word of the day was CAPTIVATE presented by TM Seema.

Thought of the day by TM Minal where she says its good to have many interests as people with many interests live not only longest but happiest. Leonardo da Vinci says study the science of Art, Study the Art of Science. Develop your sense especially learn how to see, realize that everything connects to everything else so we should continue embracing our all interests.

TM Syamlal opened Pathway through Ice Breaker where he introduced himself, education, family and previous jobs. He recalled an incident which motivated him to come Abu Dhabi. He inspired all with hard work and dedication he landed his first job in Gulf, evaluated by TM Prachi.

TM Namrata Pandey launched Pathway through Icebreaker titled Finally real me where she gave an hint about her birthday which ironically same with Adolf Hilter, she explained about her birth place Varanasi, family, school, career and also shared her second phase marriage, children , evaluated by TM Shruthi

TM Alok gave his Project 9 where his speech was inspired by novel “When breath becomes air” written by Paul Kalanithi who was a neurologist having deep interest in literature as he ends up writing his only novel looking at the imminent death from cancer at the age of 37. TM Alok shared few other stories of people ending up doing what they actually liked and giving up usual choices of Professions  and he suggest to do what you like and do it early, evaluated by TM Shahjan

Table Topic Master TM Anita chose simple topic related to Theme Interest where TM Namrata, TM Sudhir , TM Minal and Guest took part interestingly.

General evaluation By TM Mohammed Aslam.

Acting President TM Abidul well appreciated TM Rajan for the interesting meting and closed meeting at 9:45pm

Best Speaker: TM Alok Mishra 

Best Evaluator: TM Shahjan

Best Table Topic: Minal Joshi

Date: 22.7.2018

Next Meeting: 8.8.2018


With Best Regards

TM Shruthi Shetty