Name: TM Prashant Dembla
Club Officer Title: SECRETARY



Minutes of INNER UNIVERSE TOASTMASTERS Meeting no: 306

8/7/2018- Sunday


The 306th IUTM meeting was convened on 8th July 2018, Sunday, with Toastmaster of the Evening – TM Mohammed Aslam presiding over the meeting.


IUTM EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2018-19 was present:  

  • President – TM Senthil Kumar ,
  • VP Education- TM Abidul Islam ,
  • VP Membership-TM Namrata Pandey ,
  • VP Public Relations –TM Shruthi Shetty ,
  • Secretary- TM Prashant Dembla ,
    • Treasurer- TM Mohammed Aslam ,
    • Sergeant at arms- TM Syamlal .

    Total Members present : 17

    The TME- Mohammed Aslam  introduced the theme of the day: “GOALS”



    • Goals are very important in life as they are a source of motivation to progress in life.
    • A person should be growth-oriented rather than Goal-oriented.


     Thought for the day was given by TM Alok Mishra :-

    “Success required hard work and determination only then we can achieve great results”

    Role Players ( Introduced by TME ) :-

    • Greet Master : TM Syamlal, Timer: TM Prashant Dembla, Ah-Counter: TM Shruthi Shetty, Grammarian: TM Kumarappan, Quiz Master: TM Dipak Soni, Word Master : TM Mahanshu, General Evaluator: TM Jayakrishnan
        • Table Topicsmaster: TM Seema Shetty


        1. Prepared speeches were presented:-


        • TM Anitha – Title : “A Journey through Life” ( Ice Breaker- Pathways ) / Project 1



        • TM Anitha introduced told about her journey from childhood till present and how her life changed after marriage.


        • TM Ramakrishnan – Title: “Use your strength ,manage your weakness” ( Ice Breaker- Pathways ) / Project 1



        • TM Ramakrishnan introduced about himself and how he used his strength in studies to accomplish high goals in life and he also improvised on his English speaking skills.


        • TM Namrata – Title: “Yoga, the way of life” / Advance Project 3


        • TM Namrata emphasized that YOGA is a whole body philosophy it guides us how to to breathe properly and control our mind .YOGA consists of (1) Pranayam (2) Stretches (3) Asans (4) Meditation
        • She also demonstrated Chair Yoga which can be practiced for just 5 minutes in a day.


        Football Quiz was conducted by TME – Mohammed Aslam .

        1. Table Topics® questions were presented:-
        • TM Mahanshu -answered the question, “Do you think having goal can be dangerous” ?
        • TM Rakshita (Guest) -answered the question, “Can you compare between goals and relations” ?
        • TM Deepak Soni-answered the question, “Thanks giving speech on accomplishing your goal”
        • TM Maushomi (NMC toastmasters) answered the question, “Importance of goals in life”


        1. Evaluations were presented:-
        • TM Mahanshu evaluated the speech from TM Anitha .

        SUGGESTIONS :-

        • He suggested more eye contact with the audience using Humming Bird technique .


        • TM Prachi evaluated the speech from TM Ramakrishnan

        SUGGESTIONS :- .

        • She suggested that he could have told more about his family and try to connect more with the audience.


        • TM Shahjahan evaluated the speech from TM Namrata

        SUGGESTIONS :- .

        • He suggested that TM Namrata should have maintained the timing rule and overall she justified the expectations of the Advanced Project.
          1. Reports from members with meeting roles were provided:-
          • Timer : TM Prashant – All the speeches were delivered within time and were qualified for voting

          TM Namrata delivered a great speech in Advance Project 3 but took 14min 11 sec to complete the speech.


          • Ah-counter: TM Shruthi – gave the feedback for some Toastmasters who used Ah, Er, Umm sounds.


          • Grammarian: TM Kumarappan – didn’t find any grammatical error in the speeches.


          • General Evaluator: TM Jayakrishnan gave the following SUGGESTIONS :-
          • Meeting started at 7:40PM, the meetings should start on time.
          • Timer lights should be lit only one at a time.
          • Advanced Speech was very informative but TM Namrata didn’t stop after red light.
          • The Quiz session by TM aslam was tough for the audience.
          • Table topic master should be addressed in Table topic sessions.
          • The title – Toastmaster must be used before addressing a Toastmaster instead of directly taking names.
          • The presentation by TM Abidul was very motivating .

          Club awards were presented:

          • Best Evaluator: TM Shajahan
          • Best Table Topics: TM Mahanshu.
          • Best Speaker: TM Anitha

          Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm