Meeting no 300 was a meeting with difference as it was an occasion of celebration for IUTM members. The meeting was convened at a different location- Aurora event hall. We were honored by the presence of Division director, Area director, some of the founding members of IUTM and the families of Toastmasters

Sergeant at arms TM Mohammed Aslam welcomed everyone to the meeting, explained his role and set out the ground rules for the meeting. During the President’s opening remark, TM Rasheed reminded everyone that investing in oneself and improving oneself should be a task that all should take up. Toastmaster clubs provide the ideal platform for this mission. President highlighted the contribution of founding members and senior toastmasters without which the club wouldn’t have achieved such heights. To name a few- Mr Abdul Lateef Khan, TM Chandrashekar, TM Omana, TM Anil Akkineni, TM Sudha Dutta, TM Shukla Dutta, TM Silvia, TM Bharat Khathri and all other wonderful members whose contributions took the club to what it is now were remembered with gratitude.  The fact that the club has been achieving all the 10 DCP points for the last 7 years is itself a proof for the active functioning of the club.

Toastmaster of the evening’s role was played by a very senior TM Rajashekhar. He asked everyone to introduce themselves and explained the origin of the club- how IUTM was formed in June-2006 and it connection with the organization called Inner Universe of Dr Pon Elango. Some of the unique features of the club were explained like the active participation of lady TMs, the participation of many couple TMs, the fact that a meeting was never cancelled, a gavel club being mentored by IUTM etc. Next came “A delve into the glorious past”- the gallery of old meetings, get together, DTACs, special occasions etc took everyone to the good old days of the club. The newsletter for the 300th meeting was released. The editor of the newsletter TM Shruthi’s efforts were well appreciated by all.

Leaders, past presidents and honorable guests addressed the meeting. Division director TM Altaf, area director TM Prometheus George, founding members of the club TM Abraham Thomas, Past president TM Mohammed Basheer, Mr Abdul Latheef and many others addressed the meeting and wished IUTM the very best. TM Shameema’s was congratulated for her recent elevation to the role of Area Director.

A sample Toastmaster meeting was conducted for the benefit of all guests. TM Aloris Dias entertained everyone with a humorous speech on troubles that one might fall into with Half Knowledge and observations. TM Namrata evaluated the speech. Table Topics master for the day was TM Abidul Islam. He invited Vetran TM Abraham George for the first table topic. Topic was “Who do you compare yourselves with”. The speech was a demonstration of how a table topic needs to be approached and it benefitted all the attendees.One guest Mr.Kiran also attempted  the next topic- “When you close your eyes what do you see”. It was a good speech too.

The next item was the induction of new Ex-com. Since the new Toastmaster year starts in July, new ex-com will take over by then. President TM Senthil kumar, VP Eductaion TM Abidul Isalm, VP Membership TM Namrata Pandey, VP PR TM Shruthi Shettu, Treasurer TM Aslam, Secretarry TM Prasanth and Sergent at arms TM Syamlal were inducted to the new role.

This was followed by an entertaining session of cultural activities anchored by TM Mahanshu and TM Minal.

At the end of the session sumptuous dinner was served and  the new president TM Sentil thanked all for their attendance.

With Best Regards,

TM Jayakrishnan,