293-Simulated Humorous and Evaluation Contest

Minutes of the 293th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Simulated Humorous and Evaluation Contest
January 7th 2018

Meeting no. 293 was an educational meeting along with we got to know the glimpse of contest through mock contest. We had one humorous speech, target speech and three evaluation. Meeting started at 7:40pm.

Young cheerful Sergeant at arms TM Md.Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rasheed to start the meeting.

Opening the meeting he asked the toastmasters to give nomination for the contest and prepare for 4 contest such as International Speech, Humorous speech, Evaluation, Table topics. He wished all the participants all the best and called TM Seema for the Ice breaker speech.

TM Seema in her ice breaker speech spoke about her place Nagpur, she belongs to Marwadi community known for Bussiness. She divided her journey till now into 2 phases before marriage and after marriage. She introduced her family and children. She is happy go lucky person, talkative, extrovert and described in tense situation she likes to
face problem and solve them, written evaluation by TM Senthilkumar.

Education session on Humorous contest and Evaluation contest conducted by TM Rajshekar. He informed about 4 contest which takes place every year such as International speech, Evaluation, Humorous, Table Topics where the first one goes till International level later 3 till district level.

Evaluation Contest

It is to encourage speaker, to observe and learn, to recognize the best evaluator. After the Target speech evaluators are given 5 mins to take notes and one by one they are called to evaluate. Evaluation should include opening, body, conclusion with Analytical quality -clear, focused,  specify the strength, Recommendation-Positive specific, helpful to improve and quick summarize.

Bad Technique: Repeating the content, Lets us give the speaker another round of applause.
Habits of an      : Show that you care, Suit your evaluation to the speaker, Learn the speaker’s objective,
effective               Give positive reinforcement.
To Avoid         : You should have, you failed , your opening was weak.
To Include       : It appeared to me, i felt that, i suggest, i think your next speech will have a stronger impact if you..,
A technique i have found useful.

Humorous speech

Try to victimize yourself taking daily life  as examples.
Difficulties             : Expectations are high, difficult to make a person laugh, age factor, staleness of jokes.
Possible topic        : Driving license, House maid, Life in Gulf.
Key Aspects           : Start funny, opening use either prop or action, keep collecting jokes.
8 F’s of joke           : Funny, Fresh, Fit into speech, Fast end, Famous(no Laughter), Forwarded jokes, Focus, Friends share for feedback.

Contest Chair of Humorous speech TM Ranjit introduced Sergeant at arms: TM Seema, TM Syamlal; Timers: TM Namrata, TM Harsha; Tally Counter TM Sudir, TM Kumarappan; Photography: TM Shruthi and he welcomed TM Haneef for the humorous speech.

TM Haneef spoke about his friend and collegue Sampangappana maga Marisampangappa in his humorous speech “Work hard until you succeed” his struggle and how he overcame all the difficulties. Since his childhood teacher used to hate for his long name. He took more than 10 attempts to clear driving test and explained the way he booked air ticket to save money. TM Haneef added humor all through the speech and thus gave the glimpse of Humorous speech.

Contest Chair of Evaluation contest TM Haneef introduced Sergeant at arms: TM Seema, TM Syamlal; Timers: TM Dipak, TM Harsha; Tally Counter TM Sudir, TM Kumarappan; Photography: TM Shruthi and he welcomed TM Harsha for the Target speech.

TM Harsha Spoke about her mother in her speech “Unspoken laws of mother”, she recalled her memories with mother how she made her eat food, reuse previous day food and call fancy names to make it interesting, Sunday morning breakfast special idly which all showed her care and concern to make her child healthy. She cherished the way they used to ask permission to go out, the FengShui home arrangement and preparation for guest. She says her mother is strict, really thinks the well being of kids. She concluded saying “God Cannot be every where so he created mom”, evalauated by TM Rasheed, TM Ketan, TM Namrata.

TM Rasheed evaluated the topic as good, unique way to start with emotional and more energy which connected the auidence. We dont understand mother and realize their intention until one becomes. You gave example of her care when she feeds food, permission to go out. 2 long pauses be prepared to rock on stage, Not to look down you are
disconnecting the audience, try not clasp the hands. overall it was a magnificently delivered speech.

TM Ketan evaluated “God cannot be everywhere so he created mom” excellent speech, mother as emotional topic. You started the speech with normal telephonic conversation as mothers always worried. Topic was interesting, narrated personal experience with sprinkle of humor. You explained the quality of mother like management and reuse of food. As a Speaker you are confident, better preparation, clasping hand and looking down should be avoided. Overall beautiful and excellently delivered speech.

TM Namrata evalauted saying we heard a very interesting straight from heart topic so sweet made all of us think about mother. She was successful in connecting the audience and we all enjoyed it.Her Strength she was able to put humorous and made us think how mothers go after child to eat food and other things done. Suggestion:Speaking about mother lots of emotional things happens so voice modulation should have used. Beautiful speech, well spoken and good topic.

President TM Rasheed informed Mock Contest purpose to get an idea of the contest, give nomination to VP-Education TM Senthilkumar prepare and participate. He informed about the coming up debate session and everyone to take this opportunity to participate or attend the debate and closed the meeting. Dinner was served by 9:25pm.

Best Humorous : TM Haneef Puttur
Best Evaluator: TM Namrata Pandey

Congratulations to all the winners and role players

See you all on 21:01:2018