291-Winning Attitude

Minutes of the 291th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
winning Attitude theme by TM Namrata
December 10th 2017

TM Namrata steered the meeting by lighting winning attitude in everyone. We witnessed 5 wonderful prepared speeches and table topic related to winning attitude.
Meeting started at 7:30pm

Young jubilant Sergeant at arms TM Mohamad Aslam opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited President TM Rasheed to start the meeting.

President wished everyone on the occasion of UAE’s National day and remembered the Father of Nation Sheikh Zayed and his dedication towards Country. He Welcomed TM Namrata to lead the meeting.

The Ever ready TME Namrata guided us through winning attitude began with a story about Mr. John and his dog which broke at every vehicle. She says at times we run for  things and doubt about what to do after getting it. We need positive, focus and Winning attitude. This winning attitude will create any obstacle into opportunity
She called upon all the role players to explain their roles.

Greet Master and Ah Counter TM Megha, Timer TM Minal, Grammarian TM Mahanshu, Quiz Master TM JayaKrishnan all did their roles to the best.

Thought of the evening Prachi spoke about ‘Attitude’ she says when attitude is right, we realize that we are walking on acres of diamonds. Opportunity is there right under our feet and all we have to do is to recognize it. She gave an inspirational story of two seeds with different attitude. Everyone has ample potential to achieve anything the difference is attitude. Through positive attitude one can overcome mountains,it will definitely make your dream come true.

Word of the day by TM Syamlal introduced ‘Amiable’ meaning having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner with example like We chatted amiably about old friends.

TM Shruthi spoke about ‘Father of Gazelles’ in her Project 4, she said it means Abu Dhabi when literally translated from Arabic. She spoke about her experience when she came to Abu Dhabi in Summer, about friends, getting diving licence, meeting different Nationalities, varieties of food available. She concluded saying she is proud of Abu Dhabi as people from all across the World are living happily together, evaluated by TM Ketan

TM Rajan in his Project 9 Picturized bollywood action scene by creating Toastmasters as Hero. He says in movies extra ordinary things are possible due to the creation of Director. In real life it is possible to become your own director with discipline, winning attitude and 100% confident combined you are able to win any battle,  evaluated by TM Rasheed.

TM Kumarappan in his Project 9 spoke about “Fundamental values of Life” He gave examples for how to improve values of Life 1.Action: We need to live in present because of stress we need vacation and we should try for unselfish action.2.Direction: To achieve goal and to self centered 3.Objectivity in life 4.Giving: is the noble value and learn to give more 5.Gratitude 6.Question: Develop thinking, evaluated by TM Abidul Islam.

TM Haneef in his project 10 inspired about ‘Helping for Happiness’, he says If you have the power to help others in pain identify the real problem and try to act accordingly to situation like you can ignore, throw some money or take it on your shoulder.He came up with his own example as to how he and his team helped a salesman
in Uganda where he was jailed when his company’s money 25 million Shillings was robbed. With a proper plan they enquired his home town to identify if the problem is real later with the help of security guard, Human rights commission in Uganda they arranged the needed money. With all the effort the innocent was freed. Thus he
happily made mark saying “True happiness comes from helping others”, evaluated by TM Rauf

TM Senthil Kumar informed about ‘Blanketing’ in his Advance Project 3 from speaking to Inform Manual. He explained if fire occurs to extinguish you need to remove any one element like oxygen, heat or the Object itself. Blanketing is used to remove oxygen from small fire like domestic fire in kitchen. He described the 5 steps of
Blanketing remove from the cover, hold upright and gently cover, turn off the source, leave it till the fire extinguishes and once used expose. evaluated by  TM Shahjahan

Table topic by TM Harsha she chose topics related to the theme of the meeting like
1. Is winning attitude everything at workplace?
2.What are the 2 things required to be winner?
3. Which attitude defines you, eg. I can’t, I will, I can
4.If you are a winner what advice or tips you will share with audience.
TM Shajahaan , TM Aslam, TM Ian, Guest Vishalakshi explained winiing attitue.

Best Speaker : TM Rajan Twade
Best Evaluator : TM Ketan
Best Table topic: Guest Visalakshi
No. of attendees: 19
Date : 10.12.2017

General evaluator TM Shajahaan appreciated TME Namrata for taking up the role when the club needed. He mentioned the reason for many roles per toastmaster in club is either due to less members or more speakers. He was happy to say our club comes in second category. He applauded TM Haneef for completing the title ‘Competent
Communicator’. He advised Toastmasters that the hall is open by 6:30pm and utilize this opportunity to practice the speech.

TM Namrata concluded with his role and handed over the stage to President. TM Rasheed thanked and well appreciated for the insightful meeting by TM Namrata and said life is 10% what happens to you 90% depends on you. You need to set quality bars with positive energy sharpen and sharpen ourselves even in communication to
enhance leadership skills. One such opportunity is Newsletter and he asked toastmaster to contribute for the newsletters also asked all the role players to come well prepared for the role and closed the meeting. Dinner served at 9:35 pm.

Congratulations to all the winners and role players.
See you all on 24.12.2017