Minutes of the 289th meeting of Inner Universe Toastmaster Club
Fruits theme by TM Nader Gohary
November 12th 2017

This was a fruitful meeting for all who attended the meeting. The experienced TM Nader Gohary steered the meeting and brilliantly managed the last minutes changes. We had four interesting, inspirational speeches and finally enjoyed the fruits salad for desert which was very much relevant to the theme of the meeting. Meeting started at 7:40 pm.

Young jubilant Sergeant at arms TM Syamlal opened the meeting reading out the Toastmaster International mission and urged the participants to refrain talking from Taboo topics of politics, religion and sex. He invited acting President TM Ketan Mhatre to start the meeting.

Acting President TM Ketan happily took up the new role, he conducted induction ceremony for the new Toastmaster MTM Megha where she and all the members took oath and pledged to support her through toastmaster journey. He asked the members to bring guest which will be good for member as well for the club. He also asked members to contribute to the newsletter.He called ever Cheerful TM Nader to lead the meeting.

Taking the control TME spoke about fruits where in French “Fruits” means harvest and in Latin its satisfaction, delight and enjoyment. He specified apart from delicious flavour it is packed with Vitamins and Minerals. He explained fruits are also compared to the achievements like “Fruits are the rewards of hard work”. He called upon
all the role players to explain their role.

Thought of the evening by TM Shruthi she spoke about “Happiness” She says happiness depends on you and the quality of your thought.The secret to happiness is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of the day. She also took tally counter role.

Word Master TM Seema well explained the word “FRIVOLOUS” meaning Silly, inappropriate manner, unimportant with example like we should not waste our time on frivolous issues.

Greet master, Ah Counter TM Syamlal, Timer TM Prachi, Grammarian TM Harsha, Quiz Master TM Sajeev all did their role to the perfect.

TM Mahanshu gave his project 5 on “Monkeyman to superman” by comparing his brother to him and explained how maintaining concentration will lead to success. As externally we are always bombarded with distractions, according to B.F. Skinner receiving an email is equivalent to consuming heroin. We are always restless without
reason. he came with simple but effective examples to become Superman. 1. Focus-its the ability to put attention where you want 2. Simplify- Our brain is designed for one thought at a time so simplify and identify things that distracts. Lastly Mindfulness with regular practice of meditation will increase awareness, evaluated by
TM Harsha

TM Haneef in his Project 8 explained about “Images”, its file types and different classifications. He also created awareness about sharing confidential images in public domain and social media. He also presented image editing using Photoshop with real picture of some of our toastmasters to create a real awareness, evaluated by
TM Ranjit

TM Kumarappan spoke about “Fitness” in Project 8 he says a man’s health can be measured whether he takes 2 pills or stairs at a time. He described different levels of health like Physical health-absence of health, emotional health – Being content, managing stress, spiritual health, Intellectual health, Social health, environmental
health, global health. He stressed the importance of exercise as it improves blood circulation, better weight management,improves concentration. To eat smart like take time to chew your food and enjoy, eat when you are hungry , eat 2 hour before bed. Eating healthy will improve health, increase happiness, prevents many chronic diseases and leaves you with great feeling , evaluated by TM Namrata

TM Mohamad Asif completed CC with Project 10 on “Love and respect your parents” says parents does countless sacrifice, they nurture and fulfill our needs but we take them for granted. He narrated the story of father and son where the son gets irritated with fathers repeated question while the father had described the same incident
patiently during his childhood and also shared some of is personal experiences. He asked everyone to bring change by giving love and respect to parents thus concluded with “lets pledge to take a pledge to bring change”, evaluated by TM Ketan.

Table topic master TM Dipak chose amazing topics like
1. If you can change your career which you will choose?
2. In a fight between mother and wife, whom you will support?.
3. If you were given superpower what you will do?
TM Namratha, TM Harsha, TM Seema, TM Megha, TM Ranjit also amazingly took the table topic challenge.

General evaluator TM Namrata congratulated TM Nader for taking quick decision during the last minute drop out and confusion.She said prepared speeches were interesting and Table topic was excellent. She asked role players to speak a little louder. Meeting started 10 min late she requested everyone to prepare for the day to avoid late

TM Nader concluded with his role and handed over the stage to President. TM Ketan thanked and well appreciated for the fruitful meeting by TM Nader and closed the meeting. Dinner served at 9:30 pm.

Best Speaker      : TM Mohamad Asif
Best Evaluator   : TM Ketan Mahtre
Best Table Topic: TM Ranjit Nair

No. of attendees: 16
Date : 12.11.2017
Next Meeting : 26.11.2017

Congratulations to winners and all the role players.